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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
BYOT – Bring Your Own Technology
BYOP – Bring Your Own Phone
BYOPC – Bring Your Own PC

All of these refers to one terminology which means enabling employees / Students / Visitors to bring their owned mobile devices which ranges from a smart phone to laptops.

It was once when phones were only used for calling and messaging (SMS / MMS) and the data stored is local to that device. In today’s world technology is on its fast pace releasing newer gadgets, more updates and options with limitless possibilities. The digital era has made every individual bound to these devices and most of all the data which was once local to his device is now up in the cloud, which can be retrieved from any corner of the world. You are no more chained to additional capacities, storage, speed, etc and the fact is that your mobile could do almost all the things that your laptop or a desktop could do.

So, back to the original discussion, wouldn’t be wise for enterprises / organizations to give the liberty to individuals to use their own device, instead of providing them a dedicated PC / Laptop and the needed infrastructural setup? What do we gain here, lower IT overhead and freedom to employees! (remembering Eleanor Roosevelt, who said with great freedoms comes great responsibility.)

If you look at what are all the cons associated, the first thing that will hit your mind is “security”. But wouldn’t it be something challenging to tackle it? The experience gained by setting up something like this would be a case study for the future and will give rise to more innovation towards building mobile-enabled platforms, products and solutions.

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