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Another Acquisition Kills a well-renowned product!

Oh yeah! I am referring it to “Taleo”, a “Human Resource Management System (HRMS/HRIS)” product, acquired by Oracle Corporation. Taleo Corporation on other hand had been a long time player on areas like recruitment, performance / compensation management, learning and development, but primarily you would see this in use for recruitment. Bigger firms and corporations like HP, Cognizant and other software companies use them.

From a job applicant’s perspective it was always easier to maintain one profile (resume) and use the Open ID when applying for jobs. You also have options to retrieve your profile in DOC, PDF formats and to mention these are good innovative ideas, but guess what all this wouldn’t stay for long. I had already seen Oracle posting a note saying that Taleo would be accessible only until June, 2014; and for existing Taleo users they can log on to and retrieve their profile in a format desired.

Building a product like this would have been greatest efforts of many developers and engineers and let’s wait to hear back from Oracle Corporation on what product offering they would bring in future on the same platform? Do you think they would? Oh yes! Thinking as a physicist, energy transformation is the process of changing one form of energy to another. Hence sunset of this would be a new beginning of another!

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