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Recovery Settings

Recovery Settings

For all of the users who end up waiting forever to get their code in their “verified” mobile phones, Is there a better way to do this? When you opt-in for such recovery settings everything seems to go fine from registration aspect, but why doesn’t it work properly when it comes to recovery? don’t blame it on the volume of transactions, QOS and other stress and load testing criteria. Believe me this is 10th time I trying for this one to work. As a developer and programmer is their a better way to do this?

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  1. Balaji Baskar
    August 12, 2013 at 2:12 PM

    Sometimes its better to reply to our own posting when realizing how odd the post looks. Yes Google does have way to handle these things differently! One of them is they provide a custom code that can be printed and used when technology fails (or) there is much more a smarter way of using an android app called as “Google Authenticator” which flashes the code that will be refreshed in frequent intervals; This is much similar to RSA Key or RSA Token that we use for VPN, yeah I do remember a project that I worked for in implementing “Adaptive Authentication” for one of the biggest financial institution. Anyway this app is only on Android at the moment but would be great if it comes to Windows Phone. Not worried about iPhone at the moment 😉 sold it off to get this Windows Phone.

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