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Resurrecting CAPTCHA

June 24, 2011 1 comment

CAPTCHA, which stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” is a challenge-response test used to determine and differentiate between a human and computer.

Do you know?
CAPTCHA considers the human to be a hero, while computers to be a villain even thou it’s the human who drives the computer to do all evil stuff and the computer finally takes the blame! I hope with the advancement of “Artificial Intelligence”, computers one day can sue for this discrimination. Anyway the real definition could be, “Process of determining good guys from bad guys.”

CAPTCHA has grown over the years with all the experience having dealt with SPAM attacks and HACKS. However what I have found recently encouraged to write this blog, have a look at this image below:

This CAPTCHA is meaningless and I myself don’t know how to pass this challenge! Even thou I can refresh and get a new CAPTCHA I was concerned about the users with disability and how tough and annoying it would be for them.

Arguably thou the need for CAPTCHA has to be much complex these days, this kind of complexity would prove worthless and thats when I thought, why not CAPTCHA implement this? Have a look at the image below:

For most of the readers you might not understand what this means “அம்மா அப்பா”, but this is written in Tamil language which means “mother father”. I guess you should have got the point already now. In todays world every user is tied to atleast one registration process, could be an open id or from any other services like facebook, google, yahoo, etc. During the registration, information like country / language are captured from the user. The system could use this information and offer challenges based on the user’s language (during registration), a sample question could be:

Translate “அம்மா” in English.

This way you will be reducing attacks enormously. Remember if it was english language alone, then maintaining one dictionary for english would be more than enought to compromise the CAPTCHA system.

Thou this implementation offers primarily one challenge which is to support the script for a given language, on the other hand this could be a first level filter / test that would be even more challenging.

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Took a short break, Getting back into this!

Welcoming a new baby and getting promoted as a dad is a proud and responsible feeling, little “KRISH” has been keep me busy throughout, and has finally learnt to spare some time everyday to let me free, or may be I have adapted to his schedules when at home. 😉

Well, coming to my blog world, I always wanted to investigate a bit on how GMAIL has been smartly displaying related links / products / ads when reading my email, thou it looks to be fascinating at the beginning, a little thought has provoked my mind urging the need to find the smoking gun behind this, most importantly does GOOGLE read my email contents? So that’s what my next post is going to be!

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